Google Maps on Android and iOS is getting an exciting free upgrade

Leri Koen


The Google Maps app on Android and iOS devices is receiving some exciting new features. Some of these features include better navigation for cyclists, flyover-style aerial views, and the long-awaited immersive view introduced at Google I/O 2022. But what exactly do these features mean for Google Maps users?

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While we won’t be seeing all the features introduced at Google I/O 2022 just yet, the immersive view feature is starting to roll out to Android and iOS users. The technology behind this feature uses 3D mapping and machine learning to generate realistic 3D images from photos.

Google Maps on Android and iOS is getting an exciting free upgrade

This immersive view is currently available for about 100 different landmarks worldwide, including London, Barcelona, Tokyo, and New York. It should be noted that this isn’t the full immersive view just yet, as that will be released later this year. However, it’s still an exciting feature reminiscent of Apple’s Flyover Mode.

Google Maps on Android and iOS is getting an exciting free upgrade

Regarding cyclists, Google Maps is introducing a new feature specifically for these two-wheeled drivers. The app will now warn you about steps, hills, the traffic on your route, and whether the road is a major or minor one. These updates should roll out to all users in the next few weeks.

Location sharing is also getting a new helpful feature. Now, users can choose to share their location so that individuals can be notified when you leave or arrive at a particular destination. This is very useful to see if someone (parents, children, family members) arrives safely at their location. This feature is now rolling out to all Android and iOS devices and should be available immediately. 

Following the recent introduction of LGBTQ+ safe spaces on Google Maps, these new features continue to make the app useful. We can’t wait for the full immersive view’s release later this year.

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