Historical Street View now available on Google Maps for mobile

Patrick Devaney


We recently told you about the Google Map’s new Immersive View feature that was unveiled back at Google’s flagship I/O event earlier this month. That impressive feature is just the latest of a long line of impressive features that Google has built into Maps. It is even more impressive because it will work on mobile devices as well as the desktop version of Google Maps. We now have news that Google is bringing a popular Google Maps desktop feature to mobile too.

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Google Street View is an incredibly popular feature for Google Maps that has been around since 2007. To be frank, being able to see a curbside view of pretty much every spot of almost every road on the planet still boggles my mind now in 2022. On top of that, for the last eight years, Google Maps desktop users have also been able to look through archived Street View images, essentially allowing them to see snapshots in time of what locations looked like at different moments in history. Google has now announced that this feature is also available on mobile devices as well.

Historical Street View now available on Google Maps for mobile

The blog post announcing the rollout of Historical Street View to Android and iOS devices tells us that it will start landing on devices from today and includes instructions on how to work it:

“When you’re viewing Street View imagery of a place, tap anywhere on the photo to see information about the location. Then tap “See more dates” to see the historical imagery we’ve published of that place, dating back to when Street View launched in 2007. Browse each of the images to see a digital time capsule that shows how a place has changed — like how the Vessel in New York City’s Hudson Yards grew from the ground up.”

Google has announced the change in celebration of Street View’s 15th birthday. On top of the announcement, Google also released some incredible stats such as the fact that there are now over 220 billion Street View images from over 100 countries and territories around the world. The internet giant also released details of a brand-new Street View camera that can go off-road, meaning there will soon be Street View images for places like snowmobile tracks and camel routes through the desert.

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