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How Do I Change The Year on Google Maps?



Google Maps links to Google Earth so that you can view images of your house as uploaded on the site or taken by satellite. Thanks to the Earth Timelapse project, you have access to historical photos of properties and streets. Let’s see how you can change the year on Google Maps using this new functionality.

How Do I Change The Year on Google Maps?

Step 1: Open Street View date

After you open Google Maps, you’ll need to drag the orange man icon onto the street that you want to view. Once that opens, head to the top left and click on Street View with the current date selection. After you tap on it, a new window will appear.

Step 2: Drag the slider

The bottom of the new window has a slider between the available years for you to view. For instance, it may indicate between 2018 and 2021, which means you have four years you can assess. Simply drag the slider to the appropriate timeline you want.

Step 3: Preview the image

With the correct year open, you can now preview the streets and buildings. You can virtually walk around as normal, seeing how things looked before. It’s a nostalgic trip back to the past that will give you a rush of emotions if you’re looking at your previous home.

Back to the past

Changing the year on Google Maps can be a fun trip in history if it has the relevant years you’re looking for. You can even use it for your studies or homework projects. Of course, the data is only updated if Google Earth has records from those specific years, so you might now be that lucky

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