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Help & Info about Google Maps for android

  • Is Google Maps Free?

    This application is both free to download and free to use without any upfront fee or subscription. This includes features such as real-time directions, and satellite view. It should be noted that certain data is collected by Google when using the app (some of which can be opted out of).
  • Does Google Maps Work Offline?

    By default, this app pulls all of its information from Google servers in real time. It is possible to select an area and download it for offline use, however. This is especially useful if data usage is a problem, or if you will be without cellular service during your journey.
  • Is Google Maps Accurate?

    Google Maps is as accurate as any other mapping service in terms of scale and road accuracy. However, it should be noted that there will always be a delay between changes in real world road layouts and digital maps being updated. Always pay attention when using any GPS navigation system.
  • Does Google Maps Use Data?

    As the app retrieves all of the information it needs from Google servers as and when it is needed, using the app does use data. It is possible to download areas for offline use, either to save data or if you expect to be without mobile data for your journey.
  • Does Google Maps Work in China?

    Due to Google's tenuous relationship with China, many Google services are blocked there. This prevents any usable experience with this app. VPNs are an option, however they are not always reliable and not good for real time navigation. It should be possible to use a VPN to download offline maps.
  • Does Google Maps Talk?

    The option to have Google Maps audibly speak directions to you as you drive is available on Android devices. This is a much safer option than constantly looking at your device while driving. The option can be easily turned on or off from the top right of the main screen.
  • Does Google Maps Show Footpaths?

    The option to view footpaths in Maps is available. The app can also give directions for walking only, which can be selected at the route planning screen. Footpaths are more susceptible to being out of date than road maps, so always use caution before potentially trespassing on someone's property.
  • How to Google Maps Street View?

    Google's 360 degree Street View feature is available in the Android version of Maps app. The simplest way to access this feature is to find the spot you wish to view, and press and hold that location. If a Street View is available, a small thumbnail will appear in the bottom corner.
  • How to Google Maps Multiple Destinations?

    To add multiple destinations in the app, begin as you normally would with a single destination. On the route planner screen, select the method of transport, and then click the menu button and hit "Add Stop". In the new field, search for your next destination, and repeat for the rest.
  • Will Google Maps Work Without WiFi?

    This app does work without WiFi. It should be noted that it does use data, however. While maps themselves aren't particular data-intensive, things like Street View and Satellite View are, so be sure to keep track of your data. It is also possible to download "Offline Maps" for later use.


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