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Help & Info about Google Maps for iphone

  • How does Google Maps work?

    Google Maps is a comprehensive online map service providing everything that a user could ask for. It offers both street maps and satellite images, along with real-time traffic updates and even a "street view" option, allowing users to explore digital versions of the world's streets composited from photographs.
  • Is Google Maps free to use?

    Yes, the service is entirely free for regular users. Developers who wish to embed the service into their own products and services, however, will need to purchase an API before they can do so legally.
  • Does Google Maps have an app?

    Yes, the service has its own app. This can be downloaded for free, and allows the map service to be used from a mobile device. This will be extremely useful for anybody who needs help finding directions while out and about.
  • How do you navigate Google Maps?

    Because of the range of features it offers, the service tends to be overwhelming to newcomers. However, it is not hard to get to grips with. The top-left of the screen contains a search engine for finding locations; it has a sophisticated autosuggest function to help users to find the right place. Routes can be plotted automatically by entering a starting point and destination (for example, "London to Canterbury") into the search engine.
  • How do you access Google Maps' street view feature?

    At the bottom right of the screen is an icon in the form of a little orange person. Click on this figure, drag and drop it to a location on the map, and - so long as the location is stored in Google's street view library - the site will switch to street view. From here, the service can be navigated using the simple onscreen tools.
  • Does street view cover the entire world?

    No; currently, the street view function is available only for select locations around the world. However, the number of areas accessible through street view continues to grow.
  • What kind of travel advice does Google Maps offer?

    Once the starting point and destination have been entered into the search engine, the user should be presented with information on travel. Depending on the length between the two points, this can be expected to include data on road, rail and/or air travel, including relevant information such as typical time, suggested roads and appropriate public transport services.
  • Can Google Maps be used offline?

    Yes, but not the entire service. It is possible to download a map of a certain area while online, and then access that map while offline. The map will not feature the full functionality of its online counterpart, but it will be suitable for most users.
  • Deos Google Maps identify businesses?

    Yes, the service contains information on local shops, restaurants and other such businesses in the areas that it covers. In addition, it stores reviews of these businesses as submitted by users, along with tools for placing orders or booking tables online.
  • Does Google Maps have indoor locations?

    Yes. The service is partnered with various public attractions including museums, airports, libraries and more, all around the world, which have allowed it to include data about their interiors. Through the street view function, a user will be able to explore digital versions of these buildings.


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